Englisch für Kinder zwischen 11 und 12 Jahren

Englisch für Schüler und Schülerinnen der 5. und 6. Klasse in Novakid ist eine ausgezeichnete Möglichkeit für ein Kind, die Welt um sich herum mit Hilfe der fremden Sprache kennenzulernen und selbständig Antworten auf seine Fragen zu finden. Psychologen glauben, dass Kinder im Alter von 11 und 12 Jahren solche Merkmale haben: Sie wollen ständig kommunizieren. Sie sind aktiv und neugierig. Sie wissen, wie sie ihre Aktivitäten organisieren und kontrollieren können.

Dual Nature

Despite all these positive aspects, one should not forget that from a psychological point of view, this age is characterized by a duality associated with the search for oneself.
Therefore, children tend to have scattered attention, increased fatigue, frequent change of interests, low interest in school subjects and a strong dependence on a positive assessment of their personality from others.

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English will awaken the desire to learn if the basis for this motivation to learn is an interest in both the content and the process itself.

Program for 11-12 year old kids in Novakid includes

    • Exciting material appropriate to the age of the child which meets their changing needs. The topics studied foster curiosity, promote intelligence and stimulate interest in the language learning process.
    • Varied and highly visual activities and topics contribute to mental development in general and help the student transition to a high level of language proficiency.
    • Obtain an in-depth knowledge of grammar.
    • Students immerse themselves in discussions of problems of interest to them, inspired and supported by reading thought-provoking texts.

The willingness and reluctance to learn from students in grades 5 and 6 is directly related to the emotions that the process generates. Children can literally be thrown from extremes to extremes: success will promote emotional uplifting and a desire to know everything at once, and failure will trigger a desire to give up abruptly.


Special Format of Classes

Interest is the basis of motivation during this time. The content and the process of learning in Novakid is fascinating to our students. The programme for 11 and 12 year-olds enables them to communicate freely about school subjects in English. Mathematics or geography longer seem boring as the course includes lessons from the CLIL series. Thanks to this, the child's potential to know about the world is extended through their language learning.

The success factor is everything

The English language program for pupils in grades 5 and 6 in Novakid is thoughtfully designed to ensure that, through an entertaining and casual conversation on topics of interest, the child can improve their level of English, increase their vocabulary and broaden their horizons. The best measure of their achievement is passing the exam at A2 level (YLE Flyers - Speaking, Listening, Reading).